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Transformers of current T-0,66, A with a 16-year intertesting interval.
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951 UAH
Transformers of current T-0,66 are intended for a signal transmission of measuring information to measuring devices and metering devices of the electric power. The transformer is electric, it is intended for measurement and control of big currents with use of standard measuring devices and devices...
Group: Current transformers
ES 0212 ohmmeter Range of measurement from 0,05 to 20 Ohms
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1758 UAH
Measures resistance of the grounding wiring, defines the fact of its break and specifies availability of an alternating voltage to 380 V on the equipment at isolation violation.
Group: Ohmmeter
F4104-M1 microohmmeter, has 12 subranges since 0 - 100 mky to 0 - 10 megohms.
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6678 UAH
It is intended for measurement of resistance to a direct current. The principle of action is based on measurement of size of power failure on the measured resistance when passing through it operational current of the set size.
Group: Micrometers
Autotransformers single-phase LATR-1,25 LATR-2,5 "And
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2538 UAH
From 0 to 250 V. Odnofaznye are intended for smooth regulation of tension of alternating current of frequency of 50 or 60 Hz. With the built-in indicator - the voltmeter - in designation with an index "I".
Group: Autotransformers
Distance meter to the place of damage of the TsR0200 cable. Finders of damage of cable communication lines
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8712 UAH
Finders of damage of cable communication lines. It is intended for measurement of the place of damage of a cable like 'the swimming-away breakdown' and to the place with the lowered electrical resistance of isolation of power electric cables with test voltage of 6-22 kV. The maximum distance to the...
Group: Selectors of damage of cable communication lines
The earth resistance meter F 4103-M1, instead of M416. Equipment for grounding check
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4452 UAH
It is intended for measurement of resistance of grounding devices, unit resistance of soil and pure resistances with a measurement range from 0-0,3 Ohm to 0-15 KOhm (10 subranges).
Group: Electric control equipment for testing of ground connection
Megohm meters TsS0202-1, TsS0202-2
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7032 UAH
The megohm meters TsS0202-1, TsS0202-2 with digital counting Measurement of insulation resistance Determination of coefficient of absorption Strain measurement the Automatic choice of unit of the measured size (kOhm, megohm, GOM) Blocking of measurement in the presence of tension on object of...
Group: Ohmmeter
The megohm meter ES0202/1G instead of M4100. Megger
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3660 UAH
with a range of measurement of 0 - 1 000 megohms, measuring tension: 100, 250, 500 Century. The megohm meter ES0202/2G with a range of measurement of 0 - 10 000 megohms, measuring tension: 500, 1000, 2500 V Are intended for measurement of insulation resistance of the electric chains which are not...
Group: Ohmmeter
EV 0200 voltmeters
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444 UAH
The accuracy class, overall dimensions, length of a scale and mass of voltmeters are given below: Symbol Accuracy class Overall dimensions, mm Scale length, not less, mm Weight, no more, kg EVE 0200 1; 1,5; 2,5; 4 105 h120 x 62,5 93 0,35 EVE 0201 1,5; 2.5; 4 80 x...
Group: Voltmeters
Cups are sealing
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Cups sealing for sealing of contacts in power.
Group: Sealing cups
Digital frequency meter of TsCh0205
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from 1800 UAH
Frequency meters are intended for measurement of frequency of alternating current in power networks of 50 Hz, 60 Hzi 400 Hz.Chastotomerymogut to be made with the RS485 interface (further - the interface) and are delivered with the program of management. Frequency meters can be used at power plants...
Group: Frequency meters
LATR-1,25 and LATR-2,5 autotransformers "I" with the digital indicator
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3096 UAH
LATR autotransformers (laboratory autotransformers) single-phase, it is intended for smooth regulation of tension of alternating current of the frequency of 50 Hz or 60 Hz during various electrotechnical works. Operation of autotransformers is allowed with a height above sea level to 2000 meters....
Group: Autotransformers


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